Vicky Mckay Textile art

textile art stitching felt green and beads
textile art stitching felt red
textile art stitching felt green
textile art stitching felt blue

About Vicky McKay

I live in Southern Burgundy in France, with my husband, two children, dogs, cats, chickens and Jeanie the gecko… maybe some day I’ll get to add goats and donkeys…

I’ve been stitching and creating with textiles for a long time. My inspiration is the natural world around me, of which there is a lot – lichen and moss, grasses in the fields, water moving over stones, leaves and the patterns nature creates. I am also led by the materials I use – I make my own felt bases to embellish with stitching, beading and more felt work. A piece will be vaguely planned but it is the felt and stitches that seem to weave their own patterns.

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